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We are a Japanese watch manufacturer and tool manufacturer.

Kyowa Co., Ltd., which is called a “Japanese small technical group,” will introduce the MINASE brand.


MINASE is based on Kyowa Co., Ltd., which was founded as a small tool manufacturer in 1963.
Since then, we have improved our technical skills and development capacity centering on drills and other small-diameter tools, and are now supporting the basis of Japan’s manufacturing industry.

MINASE factory

Not long after establishment, we started manufacturing watches as another business from a single step drill.
Taking the opportunity of supplying step drills to watch manufacturers, we successfully entered the watch industry as a case manufacturer and then developed into a watch manufacturer.


We continued to develop and accumulate know-how in watch manufacturing. Then, we established the MINASE brand in 2005.
In 2016, we adopted a logo symbolizing a step drill, which was the origin of our watch manufacturing business; we will never forget our origins.
With this background, we will continue to promote the MINASE brand.

Build a single watch with time-honored methods instead of mass production

Expanding overseas
Made-in-Japan quality


What can Japan’s smallest watch manufacturer do?
Our challenge and dream start here.
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