The contrast between sharp edges and a clear, shining mirror surface.
The distinctive, delicate touch of a craftsman’s handiwork.
Eternity you can love forever.
MINASE, Japanese watches that will be treasured for more than 100 years.

HiZ Series

Uruga Series

Luna Arch Series

Urushi Series



A workshop/store opened in “2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN,” the place for monozukuri, or the Japanese art of making things, located underneath the elevated railway tracks between JR Akihabara and Okachimachi stations, through a collaboration between Mr. Keiji Kanagawa, a watch engraver, and Kyowa Co., Ltd. At the workshop, you can see the meticulous and artistic engraving of Mr. Kanagawa up close. This is a special place for adults who are fanatical about watches. Enjoy the unique engraving of Mr. Kanagawa and the best of Japanese traditional techniques.


MINASE watches are made by true monozukuri, the Japanese art of craftsmanship.
At our atelier in Minase, Akita Prefecture, where even the landscape is similar to Joux Valley, the mecca of the Swiss watch industry, our craftsmen handcraft watches by themselves.
We take a look at the various skills used, the MORE structure, sallaz polishing, the case-in-case design, and more.

MORE Structure

To make watches that will be treasured for more than 100 years, MINASE developed a patented structure called “MORE (Minase Original Rebuilding Equation).” Inspired by traditional Japanese wooden puzzles, all the external parts, including the case and bracelet, can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly like a wooden puzzle.

SALLAZ Polishing

A polishing technique for preparing the substrate, which has almost been lost even in Switzerland. The work relies on skilled craftsmen’s sensitive fingertips to produce a distortion-free mirror surface. Various parts of MINASE watches, including the case, dials, and bracelet, feature sallaz polishing.

Case in Case

The case-in-case design is one of the key characteristics of the MINASE HiZ series.
The dial contained in the case acts as a second case to cover the movement, which is held by another index from the top. This original structure is unique to MINASE.

Clamping Case Structure

The clamping case structure involves inserting the glass between the bezel and the case and clamping them together from underneath, which makes the watch more water-resistant.